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The Benefits of VPS Hosting

What is it?

VPS Hosting, or virtual private server hosting, is a hybrid between shared and dedicated hosting that offers several solid benefits to its users. It works by creating virtual partitions on the server, allowing each account to have its own server space without affecting the others hosted there. The benefits include: stability, increased performance, access to dedicated resources, flexibility, and affordability.


With a shared hosting account, the traffic and other activities from the other sites on the same server have the potential to adversely affect your website performance. With VPS, nothing any of the other accounts on the server do have the ability to affect your website. Stability, of course, is a vital element of any web hosting. Being accessible for customers, regardless of the time of day or night, is key.

Access to Dedicated Resources

Since you’ll have your “own” server with VPS hosting, you will have your own portion of resources, meaning you will have access to a faster CPU speed, more RAM, and more disk space for storage than you would have on a shared plan.

Increased Performance

Your website will experience increased performance as compared to shared hosting, because you will no longer have to share the server resources with hundreds or even thousands of other hosted accounts. Your website visitors will enjoy faster load times, which benefits your business.

If your website does not load quickly enough to keep your visitor on your site, your potential clients will likely go to your competitor. Once this happens, it’s difficult to recapture that audience. The general nature of web users is impatience, so the faster your site loads, the better.


Your “own” server means you will have the freedom to choose the operating system used to run it. You can choose to install Linux or Windows on your server. If you are not computer savvy, you can opt for a managed VPS solution which handles all the technical aspects for you. If you want full control over your virtual server environment, unmanaged VPS provides it.


For small to medium businesses VPS provides a more cost effective solution to hosting. Too often, businesses need more than shared hosting can provide. Before VPS hosting came along, the only option was dedicated hosting, which is generally too expensive for them. Using VPS hosting allows businesses to enjoy the full benefits of a dedicated server, with a cost more comparable to shared hosting, therefore solving the limitations vs. cost issue that were previously faced.

With the increased popularity of this hosting option and a decrease in the cost of technology required to operate and maintain it, finding an affordable reliable VPS hosting provider is no longer the undertaking it used to be. While many companies provide the service, it is important to look beyond the price of the plan to ensure you are receiving a quality product. Our options offer the best features in a VPS plan at a price your business can afford, with top notch customer service, always available when you need us.