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VPSNOC: Company Ownership Change Notification

Hello Everyone!

We have an important announcement to make and a few important points to highlight!

The company’s ownership has been recently transferred and we apologize for the poor customer support you may have experienced in the past. We intend to give you 24/7 unbeatable support from now onwards!

*  If you think your support ticket has not been answered in the past please don’t hesitate to open a new ticket.

*  We are cleaning up , If you have more then 2 unpaid invoices/product clear them within next 48 or your vps data will be deleted and account shall be terminated.

*  All the new clients and returning clients will get 25% OFF on the entire order anually, quarterly, semi-anually and monthly. Don’t forget to use the promotion code “25OFF” to redeem this offer.

*  We will also be launching some new VPS packages soon so stay tuned!