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Here at VPSnoc, we offer three different types of VPS hosting systems, each with their own benefits. Please read about the different plan
options to learn more about which suits your needs. If you have any questions, please contact us today!



OpenVZ Hosting


OpenVZ is an open source virtualization technology that is based on the Linux operating system and kernel. This allows the physical server to run independent guests which act as their own operating systems. However, these guest nodes will not have a kernel of their own, taking advantage of the host node’s kernel. For this reason, we can only have Unix flavors under this virtualization.

This plan is suitable for new websites with low/growing amounts of traffic. OpenVZ plans provide cost-effective VPS services whose performance and reliability are far beyond that of conventional shared host servers. Individual guest VPS systems are able to be managed with SolusVM and you are privileged to over forty OS templates to choose from, as well as a cPanel control panel option. OpenVZ VPS sysetms can be setup almost instantly once your order has been processed.

Here at VPSnoc, we utilize robust hardware and redundant networks backed, all managed by our team of VPS experts to deliver quality solutions to our clients. We do not oversell our OpenVZ nodes and automatically limit the number of containers that can be created per hardware node depending on the available resources to ensure your server has all the space/performance it needs.


Xen Hosting


XEN is a widely used open source virtualization technology which is able to run two different types of guests, XENParavirtualization and XEN Full Virtualization. XEN runs virtual machine monitors (also known as hypervisors) whose responsibilities include memory management and CPU scheduling of all virtual machines. Unlike OpenVZ, XENvirtualized guest operating systems have their own kernel, meaning a XEN host supports both Linux and Windows guest operating systems.

This plan is suitable for medium and high traffic websites that require a stable and reliable platform for hosting. Even though XEN has the overhead of managing hypervisors, guest operating systems are able to use dedicated resources and can deliver better performance and stability compared to OpenVZ virtualization. Since the resources are dedicated, the price will be a bit higher than our basic OpenVZ plans. Our XEN VPS systems are also not oversold, ensuring all of your individual VPS systems run smoothly.

Xen Windows Hosting

We utilize the XEN virtualization platform when implementing all of our Windows VPS solutions. The memory and resource allocation management is similar for both XEN Linux and Windows machines, however with our Windows plans you can install and setup: Windows (2003/2008), Microsoft SQL server (2005/2008), IIS version 6 and 7, .NET versions 2, 3.5, 4.0 and the latest 4.5.

Also, this plan is suitable for websites which require running their ASP or ASP.NET sites alongside PHP and HTML sites. You can also setup control panels like Parallels Plesk, Parallels Helm, WebSitePanel, cPanelEnkompass, and so on once you have obtained the license from the vendor.
If you have any questions about which plan is right for your needs, please contact our sales team today: sales@vpsnoc.com